Saturday, February 28



(by : Ni'am)

What a love is
A sacrifice to be the one 
To be the lover
Sacrifice to suffer
Sacrifice to starve
To the others 
It Is a will to sacrifice 
In starve in suffer
In envy
That love 

The one could be huge
Be love 
In every way 
We live

If everything have the happy ending
There no more cry
There no more lost
There no more tears
But there no more struggle

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One day, a fat man came to a doctor. He was very unhappy. The doctor examined him carefully and then he said, “well, the first thing you must do is to eat as little bread, potatoes and sweet things as possible. And the second is to smoke only one cigar a day.”
The fat man came back a month later. He looked thinner, and even less well than the last time he visited the doctor.
“I managed to stop eating bread, potatoes, and sweet quite easily, doctor, ‘ he said unhappily, ‘that cigar everyday tastes terrible. I’m sure that it’s killing me slowly. You see, I had never smoked anything before.”
(English Department, State University of Semarang 2003)

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Friday, August 15

Less Coffee, fewer heart attack

Less Coffee, fewer heart attack
( from the world of medicine )

A person who drinks five or more cups of coffee a day has more than twice the risk of heart problems than one who drinks no coffee at all. Over 1.000 men were surveyed at five year intervals for up to 25 years on their coffee use. One major finding was that even when other factors – smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and age – are taken into account,
there is still a greater risk of heart trouble among coffee drinkers.
In order to lesson that risk, it is advised that, besides quitting smoking and having their cholesterol levels checked, coffee drinkers should be prudent in their coffee intake. (Other studies suggest that those who drink no coffee have significantly lower cholesterol levels.)

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